Price Transparency Index

Centro Medico Episcopal San Lucas (the ‘Hospital”) recognize the importance of keeping patients informed about their cost of care. This website provides an estimate for our most common hospitalizations, outpatient services, surgical procedures, exams, and tests. These estimates are merely general information designed to try to help you determine the range of what your actual bill might be; estimates may vary from what your actual bill turns out to be. Estimate accuracy may be impacted by things such as complications, change in course of treatment and medications and/or tests that may be specific to your individual medical needs. Your final bill will reflect completed and accurate charges for services provided to you by the Hospital. This amount will not include the professional services provided by physicians and may vary from the estimate. Patients should be aware, however, that the charge amount may not be useful in predicting their actual cost of care. Other factors, like insurance coverage and the severity of treatment, are often more relevant than the charge amount. In most cases, the listed hospital charges for individual healthcare services will be different than the amount you will actually pay for those services. For an estimate of your out-of-pocket cost, please call 787.625.1400 ext.6379.

Remember, in this webpage you will find a listing of the standard charges. Additionally, an average charges for inpatient or outpatient care services available at the Hospital. Should you have any questions about these listing of charges, please contact the Finance Department at 787-625-1400 ext. 6213 or write us an email to

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Procedure Name, Category or Primary Code:
What do these different prices mean?

Charge Master




Ancillary service

Means an item or service a hospital customarily provides as part of or in conjunction with a shoppable primary service.

Chargemaster (Charge Description Master or CDM)

Means the list of all individual items and services maintained by a hospital for which the hospital has established a charge.

De-identified maximum negotiated charge

Means the highest charge that a hospital has negotiated with all third-party payers for an item or service.

De-identified minimum negotiated charge

Means the lowest charge that a hospital has negotiated with all third-party payers for an item or service.

Discounted cash price

means the charge that applies to an individual who pays cash (or cash equivalent) for a hospital item or service

Shoppable service

Means a service that can be scheduled by a healthcare consumer in advance.

Standard charge

Means the regular rate established by the hospital for an item or service provided to a specific group of paying patients. This includes all the following as defined under this section: (1) Gross charge. (2) Payer-specific negotiated charge. (3) De-identified minimum negotiated charge. (4) De-identified maximum negotiated charge. (5) Discounted cash price.

Third party payer

Means an entity that is, by statute, contract, or agreement, legally responsible for payment of a claim for a healthcare item or service.